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Optic Neuritis

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I recently ‘recovered’ from optic neuritis and I’d like to share what I experienced for awareness.
– Constant pain in my head and eyes (level of pain varies).
– I wake up every day feeling the pain on the left side of my head (it’s like waking up with hangover, sometimes it feels so heavy, sometimes it feels like when the effect of anesthesia is starting to go off, like having pins and needles)
– I easly get dizzy. I am used to commuting almost every day and it’s kind of weird when I started to feel like puking whenever I ride a cab or when I travel in general
– My vision is degrading esp. in my left eye. (Just so you have a reference, i can’t see clearly the traffic light’s countdown timer)
– I can’t stand brightness. (my monitors’ brightness are set to 0)
– I experience occassional imbalance whether sitting, standing, or walking

I went to see an opthalmologist thinking that I just need to wear eyeglasses again. I work in front of computers for at least 8hours a day so I thought it was the cause.

To my surprise, the doctor did not want to prescribe eyeglasses. Instead, he wrote a recommendation for me to have MRI tests.
WHAT MRI?!?!?! (I said to myself) Several thoughts already running in my head as he speaks, because from what I know, MRI is used to see if someone has tumor. Thank goodness I was wrong that it is its sole purpose.

I underwent 2 MRI (for the brain and for te eyes) and the results were:
1. My brain is normal
2. Optic nerves in my left eye are swelling

My doctor confirmed his initial finding that I have neuritis. He gave me 2 options. 1st is 3days confinement in the hospital to take medication through IV, and 2nd purely oral medication.

He strongly suggested that I take the 1st one given that it has better results and lower probability of the recurrence of neuritis than the 2nd. He gave me time to think and he actually gave me a prescription of oral meds IF and only IF I really won’t go for the 1st. He said that the order should be IV then oral meds and not the opposite, otherwise just oral meds. Of course, I took the 1st option.

So, I was in the hospital for 3 days. I was given corticosteroids through IV i think every 6 hours. On the first day they took my xray. And then I had 8hrs fasting because of blood test to check if the meds has side effects on me. And yes, there were some side effects. My blood sugar shoot up (230+), so they had to change my diet to diebetic. And the bacteria found on my urine was high too, so they had to give me antibiotics.

I was endorsed to an endoctrinologist so they can better explain that about my blood sugar, especially my family has a background of diabetis. They had to check my sugar every so often. If ever it reaches at least 180, they had to give me insulin. Fortunately it did not reach that high again. Slowly it went back to normal. I forgot what it is called but they did a test on me to check my blood sugar level for the last 3 months and the result said that I it was on the normal range so the doctor concluded that it is jusr because of the steroid.

After 3 days I got discharged from the hospital and continued with oral meds for 1 week. When I went back to my opthalmologist he said the swelling is gone, and the cause of my headache ia no longer neuritis but my poor eyesight. The grades of my eyes are higher now and more stable that’s why he already gave me prescription for eyeglasses. I am now free of neuritis and hoping it will not recurr. I am back to wearing eyeglasses even though I hate wearing one. ūüôā



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