Movie: This Means War

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I had a good laugh watching this. I could say me and my friend made a right choice when we decided to go for this movie. I won’t talk about the cast since I’m not really a fan of any of them, but just to mention, Chris Pine really looks great while Tom’s accent is hot. 🙂

This Means War is about two CIA agents (best friends) who find themselves going after the same girl. Tuck (Tom) met Lauren (Reese) first through an online dating site. They decided to meet in person. FDR (Chris) concerned about his friend, Tuck to go on a date with a girl he just met on the internet, insisted that he’ll go with him. Tuck agreed but only if FDR will stay at a certain distance, and that he’ll just give him a signal (a phone ring) if he’ll need help or it goes well. Everything went fine with Tuck and Lauren. After their date, Lauren went to a video store where coincidentally FDR has been staying. They met, and FDR instantly got attracted to her.

Fast forward, the best friends found out that they were after the same girl, and made a gentleman’s agreement to have a fair fight. If the girl comes between their friendship, they will stop wooing her. But it’s just hard to keep up with this agreement when love is at stake. They have secretly been battling with each other using the system or whatever CIA strategy they can to know what the other is up to.

Lauren still unaware that the two guys know each other, is having a hard time to decide between them.

In the end, no matter how equal the effort given by these guys may seen, there will always be someone who have a better spot in Lauren’s heart, and that’s ——-. 🙂

I can watch this movie about two times more. 🙂


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