Memories of Malaysia

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One of my goals this year is to travel alone. I didn’t see it coming too soon though. Few weeks ago I actually did it. Not sure if I already mentioned this on my previous posts but, aside from first time to travel solo, this is also my first time to travel outside my own country. I read a lot of articles, blogs, whatever writing just to prepare and convince myself that it’s really safe to travel alone in Malaysia. My verdict – YES! It was an awesome experience walking around a place that’s not familiar to you.

I have here a list of pros and cons of travelling solo:


– you own your time; you don’t have to wait for someone and convince that person to go somewhere only you are interested

– you get to pay more attention to the people, the place, the culture and not worrying too much of taking pictures with you in it

– you will feel the need to talk to other people that will lead you to meeting new people and probably become friends with them (this has been my objective) – i met/talked to a lot of people, asking for directions, asking to take a picture of me, etc. But there are 2 people that really made my trip more interesting, two solo travellers (guy and gal) coming from different countries. And we talked for hours while doing the tour.

– you build up your courage and confidence – going to a place alone is scary, what more to a place where there’s nobody that you know


– you don’t get to be in the picture most of the time (not a problem for me, i’m camera shy :P)

– you’ll eat alone (this was the hardest part for me – I find it sad when someone eats alone, but I’m glad I got it over with)

– you pay for the bills solo – the room hotel, the food


Some of the places I went to:

Petronas Twin Towers at almost 8pm
Early morning at Little India
Batu Caves
Penitence at Batu Caves
Merdeka Square

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