Starting the Year with a Good Deed

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Saw a cellphone in a cab.
Chose between telling the cab driver or keep it.
Decided to keep and find the owner.
Got off the cab and called the person who’s name appeared in the inbox and call logs.
Turned out it was her boyfriend’s.
Fortunate enough they were in a mall where I’m headed to.
Went there and called the lady again.
After ending the call, an old couple appeared in front of me with all smiles.
Their faces are identical with the pictures saved on the phone. (Of course, I had to check the pictures)
Gave the cellphone back to them. Don’t know how many times they said “Thank you.”
The lady gave me a hug and asked me to join them for dinner.
I had to refuse.
The guy told me how important his contacts save on the phone more than the phone itself.
He pulled out something out of his pocket.
Told me he has a gift for me in making an effort of finding them.
Handed me cash folded into a very small piece.
I refused, as my sole intention was to give their item back.
The guy insisted and slipped the money in the open pocket of my bag.
Then turned their backs and walked away waiving at me.
It was such a great feeling to help someone and be appreciated.


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