Greenhills vs Baclaran?

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Went to Greenhills last Saturday to buy Christmas gifts. Me and my friend thought prices are cheaper since there are lots of tiangges. On our first stop, I asked for the price of a hand bag that I personally liked. I was surprised to know that it costs P700.00! I wanted to back out at that instance and go to the mall. haha. But before giving up, we went to check if there are stores that could give it on a cheaper price with a little bit of haggling. The cheapest we got was at P450.00. So I decided to  buy it. I was thinking that I should at least have one item bought from Greenhills after all the hours that we spent walking and bargaining around. At the end of the day I was just able to take home that hand bag, and some souvenir items that cost 3 for P100.00. I wanted to buy more but I thought the prices aren’t really cheap. It’s as if I’m buying from a boutique or mall; I thought I’d just go to the mall.

Then come Sunday, my parents asked me to go with them to Baclaran. So we headed after we heard the mass. I could say there are more items to choose from compared to Greenhills when it comes to clothes, shoes, and bags. Not sure about the souvenir items though. As we were going from one stall to another, I heard my sister asked for the price of a bag – when I went to see that bag, it’s the same as the one I bought in Greenhills. There are more styles and colors to choose from! And guess what the price is? P250.00!!! 250.00 without bargaining. My eyes went @_@. Ang sakit sa ulo! Haha.

No Greenhills for me now. Haha.



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