My Phones

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  • Nokia 5210 – The first phone I had given by my father when I got into college. But after several months I had to give this to my older brother when he lost his phone. He needed it more than I do during that time. This phone really passed the test of falling on the floor from my pocket or from my bag. It even fell off to the street while I was running.
  • Nokia 2100 – Got this as a replacement for my 5210. I find it cute, it’s just like a toy. Very handy. But for the second time, my brother lost his phone and I had to let go of it.
  • Panasonic X60 – This was my sister’s phone that she lent me when she got an extra phone. It’s also cute (like it’s really for girls because of the notification light colors.. lol) but not ideal for my pocket.
  • Nokia 3310 – This one’s my mother’s. I had to return my sister’s phone so my mother lent me hers.
  • Nokia 6030 – This one’s mine from my father again. I went out of college and had this phone up to the time when I started working. I gave it to my cousin when I got my next phone.
  • Nokia E51 – Finally. I bought this phone with my own salary. šŸ˜€ Have been using this phone for more than 2 years now. Happy and satisfied with its features.
  • Nokia 6610 – This is my secondary phone since I’m using 2 numbers. Borrowed from my sister.
  • Samsung Galaxy S – This phone is not yet mine.. But soon I’ll get this. Haha. (I hope!) That’s why I’m thinking of selling my E51. Anyone interested? LOL. šŸ˜€



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