Movie: The Switch

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Another romantic-comedy film starring Jennifer Aniston with Jason Bateman.

I’ll never get enough of rom-com movies. Even if most of the time this type of movie is predictable I can watch it again and again. But this one, hmmm okay I can watch it for the second time, maybe when I catch it being played on cable channel. But that’s just it.

In this movie, Jennifer is a woman who’d like to have a child. Problem is.. she doesn’t have a partner. The solution – get a “seed” donor and have an artificial insemination. Unfortunately her best friend, Jason “hi-jacked” her pregnancy when he got drunk the night that she’s going to get the “seed.” He replaced the “seed” of the donor with his own. Then, the expected happened, Jen got pregnant then moved out of the town to raise her kid. After about 6 or 7 years, she went back to her place now with her son. Now that she’s back, Jason finally realizes and recalls what he did that night he got drunk, and he had to tell Jen about this. Of course, there were some drama because of the lying, but in the end they made a family. Jennifer’s son finally got his dad.

This is not the best of Jennifer’s film. And Jason and the kid were actually the ones who are in the front roles because the movie revolved around them. The kid brought out the humor in here, as he is like the smart-boy who talks and acts like an old-guy.



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