Grey’s Anatomy 07.06

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I got surprised on this episode. It’s different. The setting – someone’s taking a video most likely a documentary or a special coverage on who are the surgeons and what do they do in Seattle Grace – Mercy West Hospital few months after the tragic shooting happened.

I didn’t catch some “quotable quotes” this time.

Alex just proved here that he was really suited for peds. The four surgeons – Mark, Owen, Derek, and Callie made a wonderful job giving their patient a new set of arms. It was sad though for Bailey that after what seems to be a successful operation, her patient didn’t wake up. Leaving her patient’s husband to make a hard decision to cut off his wife’s life support.

This episode left me with a few questions:

-Arizona and Callie moving out to Africa – are they leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

-What happened to Avery back when he was trying to revive a patient when they got locked out?

These make me look forward to the succeeding episodes of this season!



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