Movie: She’s Out of My League

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I’ve had a copy of this film in my laptop for a few weeks now, and I’ve been planning to watch this since the day I got it. But some other more “appealing” movies came along, so I decided to put it behind my list. I was wrong – I should have watched it right then and there. Maybe I was looking for a comic relief after a long week at work, and I know it isn’t great, but hey! I did enjoy watching this film.

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve make a good pair. They look cute together. 🙂 

Anyway, this movie is about a regular guy (Kirk) who’s got personal issues (insecurity with the way he looks, that he isn’t a college graduate, that he isn’t the ideal guy, etc. etc.) and a girl (Molly) who’s considered to be a perfect 10, and how impossible for someone like her to fall in love with someone like him.

“How can a 10 go for a 5?”

Molly had been to relationship(s) where a guy always looks at her as perfect, but still cheated on her. So this time, she wants to be on the safe side – to go for the average guys, with whom she thinks she will not be hurt. Then she met Kirk who’s still in the shadow of his break-up with his ex years ago.

The two of them got along pretty well but the people around them didn’t seem to see that what’s going on between them is genuine. They were all pessimist that Kirk and Molly’s relationship woudn’t last because He Is Not Her Type of Guy. This thought has gotten in to Kirk’s mind, making him think that he isn’t right for her. So this negative thought blinded him to see that Molly is really in love with him. He decided to drop the relationship, and go back to the girl who she think was his match (his b**** ex).

Just in time before he leaves the town for a vacation, his friends finally realizes that he is perfectly enough for her. That he is one amazing guy with just a skinny body. His friends and Her bestfriend were the ones who made a way for them to also realize this.

Here are the lines when they got back together.

Molly: “You are out of shape. You’re uncoordinated, you’re not a college graduate, you’ve never been to Europe and your car really is a shit box. You were right, I did asked you out because I thought you would be safe, and I wouldn’t get hurt. And yes I lied to my parents because I’m worried what’d they think. I’m sorry. But I’m here to tell you I don’t care if you want to be a pilot or a TSA agent, or shovel elephant shit at the circus because I missed you and I just want us to be together.”

Kirk: “I don’t remember of a specific question but I.. I do, and I will. I miss you.”

Lesson learned: If you don’t feel good enough for yourself, you can’t be good enough to anybody.

(Rating: 6.5/10)



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