Movie: Dear Zachary – A Letter to a Son About His Father

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This documentary made me cry almost the whole time.

I just can’t believe something like that happened in real life. More than that, I can’t believe that a murderer can be considered harmless once he/she has killed his/her target. What kind of judgement is that?? How on earth can you proclaim that a woman who killed another person – not merely to defend herself from any act of violation, will not repeat what she has done, and let her bail out easily?

On the other hand, I admire David and Kate for their conviction to fight for justice, for their courage and strength. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, what more if you lose two.

I highly recommend for others to watch this film. Just make sure you have a kleenex beside you. πŸ™‚

To the film maker – Kurt Kuenne – you’ve done a great job on this. I admire you for going the extra mile (literally and figuratively) in doing this. Your aim to tell Zachary who his father was may not have succeeded, but your efforts were not put into waste. You have made a lot of viewers know a person as wonderful as Dr. Andrew Bagby. And woke up a lot of minds to fight for justice as what his parents did.

And this also made me ask myself, how will people remember me when I die? Can they also only think and speak of positive things about me? Maybe this is a time to ponder on how I am as a person… πŸ™‚



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