Movie: Charlie St. Cloud

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I watched this movie not knowing what it’s about. Normally I google a movie first to read synopsis or review. But this one – I didn’t. It was an unplanned movie night with my friends. And I ‘m glad we watched it.

It ‘s very touching to see a man love his younger brother so much. Staying true to his promise even if it means forgetting about his own life. And this happened even after the death of his brother. For years, he didn’t have a life of his own. He gave it up in order to keep his pact to his brother. Until he met a girl who made him realize that there is a reason for him to live life to the fullest. This movie tells that letting go doesn’t equate to losing. Letting go might be a better way to gain things you’ve forgotten a long time ago. It also shows when to say you have given enough. Knowing your purpose in life. Finding out why you were chosen to have a second chance to live. And knowing how move on, live on, and love again.

On a side note – Zac Efron has matured and became more handsome now. 🙂 He’s acting – the way tears fall from his eyes made me cry too.

One more thing – is it just me, or is there really something different with Amanda Crew’s lips? Like the lips of Miley Cyrus (I am not a hater :)) – I just find their lips totally distracting. (lol)



One thought on “Movie: Charlie St. Cloud

    Talia Sherrick said:
    11.01.2010 at 7:54 pm

    thanks for sharing!

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