Food Trip: Bag of Beans

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A little over a year after my friends and I went to Bag of Beans in Mendez, Cavite, I finally convinced my family to go there. I want to go back there because of the cozy atmosphere plus it’s very accessible to commuters like us. No hassle going there even if you don’t have a car because it’s along the highway. The place is different now, maybe because of the expansion. The spot where my friends and I were seated before is different. The prices were also different – of course, higher. 🙂

So there, our supposed to be breakfast was turned to a brunch. It was a sumptuous meal because we were all excited to place our orders, not realizing that some of the meals can be shared. =)) I just love breakfast meals. Of course, our food trip wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee (bottomless actually). 🙂


One thought on “Food Trip: Bag of Beans

    Sophie said:
    10.02.2010 at 12:35 pm

    i want to go there!

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