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I’ve planned to have my passport processed early September last year. So, I checked out DFA‘s website for the requirements. And one of the requirements is Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.

Knowing that the only copy of my birth certificate I have is just a photocopy, I went to eCensus website to request a copy of the said document. I requested 2 copies thinking I might need it again in the future. After receiving and printing the acknowledgement notification e-mail, went to BDO (thank God that bank has a branch near my office) to pay the request fee amounting to Php 630.00.

So I waited…

Then waited some more…

Then finally! After almost a month of waiting, it’s already October, a messenger came to our office handing me the envelope. I immediately signed the receiving stub, then went back to my cubicle to see my birth cert.

But to my surprise, this is what I read:

We certify that we do not have any record of birth of:
Date of Birth : XXXX XX, XXXX
Place of Birth : XXXXXXXXXXXXX

And so on.. and so forth..

I paid for 2 copies, so I got 2 copies saying that they do not have my record.

My initial reaction was: Whaaaat??!! After 22 years of existence, only now did I learn that my birth is not registered.. (LoL) I was a bit disappointed thinking that my parents should have known and told me this, and maybe even should have resolve this while I was still a child.

Oh well, there’s nothing else to do but for me to personally have this fixed. Thankfully, Census included an instruction on how I can accomplish this.

I went to Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) in Manila City Hall to request for them to verify if my birth record exists in their archives. Got a number, waited for my name to be called, handed the requirements to the staffs specifically the NSO-issued Negative Certification of Birth, and then paid the fees. The request cost me Php 170.00 ( 60.00 – SECurity PAper ; 110.00 – iForgotWhatWasThisFor).

After 2 weeks (they told me I can get it after such time), Monday – I went early morning in LCRO so I can finish early and be able to go to NSO afterwards. I talked to the staff, and ALAS! my document is not yet available. She told me to go back afterlunch. But then I stayed for about an hour so I can ask again. Unfortunately, all I got was the same response. Good thing there’s a mall at the back of city hall. Spent few hours seating, and walking inside the mall.

After lunch came so I went back to check again. My name hasn’t been called yet. Minutes, then hours passed by… it was almost 4pm when I heard from the speaker that my name was being called. At last, I got the copy of my birth cert.. but *sigh* I spent the whole day wandering around SM Manila and Manila City Hall.

Because of that and because of work, I had to move my schedule to go to NSO Main Office a week later.

It was already the first week of November 4 when I went to NSO main office in Quezon City. After filling out some forms, after waiting for a staff to be available for me. I was able to submit my new request for the NSO copy of by birthcert. Didn’t have to pay anything this time.

Knowing that QC is far from where I live, I asked if I can just have it delivered at home or at the office. Unfortunately, NOT! They told me that since this is technically the first time that they will release a copy of my birth cert, I have to personally claim it there.. Whaaaat???

I asked them to reconsider, and have it delivered to me. But I didn’t get to convince them.
After a month, December 28 – FINALLY. NSO Certified True Copy of my birth certificate is in my hand!

Whew! It took me a total of 4 months to finally get hold of it.

Now, how about my passport? I forgot about it. Or maybe I lost the direction to process it. A lot of things came up at work and other stuff. Which is why until now, I don’t have passport.
Now that I remembered, and I already have my birth certificate. I should give time to start working on it again.



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